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kihiroの「アクターズ・アイ・映想.1」好きな役者さん真田広之さん主演90年代後半映画『昨日より今日はもっとx2素敵』 BLOG(イケてる大人計画)

正直、受かる気が全く無いままチャレンジしました。まぁ本業にボーカルという仕事があるおかげか、特別緊張する事もなく、ありのままで臨んだ結果です。最終審査では、審査日の前日までツアー中だった為、台詞すら覚えず向かいましたw 監督とプロデューサーの厚意で「15~20分で覚えてきて」と言われ、たまたまそのーシーンが友人と過ごした事のあるような場面だったのですんなり出来たのもラッキーでしたね。
『She's Just A Shadow』
最近見たお気に入りは山本直樹作家の漫画、一色伸幸原作の、メディアミックス作品。漫画版と映画版がある滝田 洋二郎監督作品「僕らはみんな生きている」です。
日本のビジネスマンがいかに努力をして、日本産を世界に広めてきたのか...自分の父親もサラリーマンなので、感慨深い言葉を真田広之さんが熱演します。唾がガンガン飛ばしながら大声で喋るんですが、興奮してる高橋をゲリラ軍団の部下に腕一本で胸元辺りを抑えられるシーンが一瞬あるのですが、その腕に真田さんの大量の唾が残ってるのが胸熱ですw 絶対わざと残しただろ、って思う。
今、現代にある日本の裕福な環境が出来ているおかげは先代の日本ビジネスマンの努力あってなんだとしみじみ思い、最終的にはこの作品に対して感謝をする気持ちになります。是非見てみてください (^^)
Whats up Hatena Blog readers, my name is "kihiro".
I've lead sing in a band called LOKA (http://loka-official.com/ )
I've been doing music since 16, mostly as a singer in a band and been doing it for a while now.
However, last year I had the chance to act in a movie. I actually did an audition to get the roll, which was my first experience. I was interested from the begining, since I direct most of my music videos and "acting" has a similar side with "performing" on stage. I also get inspired with remarks from a movie, which I sometimes use for my lyrics (giving some arrange), and sometimes in a stage talk
I didn't really think I'd pass, but luckly I got the featured roll for the manside. lol
They were looking for a Japanese guy with tattoo, skinny and a little "druggy" kinda guy that spoke full English.
I guess I fullfilled all of that for the director lol.
The movie is called "She's just a shadow".
Sadly Japan release is pending but the movie is planned to be distributed in USA and Europe around fall is what we hear. I'm very glad for my movie debut, and at the same time, I have no idea how its coming up yet so little nervous as well.
Therefore, since I'm very excited with this whole movie thing,  I will start writing my Movie blog here on Hatena Blog. 
I watch all kind of genre, action, comedy, true-story, etc... The TV in my house, NETFLIX like 24hrs lol.
Today, I want to introduce a Japanese movie "BOKURA HA MINNA IKITE IRU" , translation is "We Are All Alive" directed by Yojiro Takida, written by Nobuyuki Ishiki. It's a media mix film which was originally written from a Manga written by Naoki Yamamoto.
It's an 90's film so everything can look very analog compared to the movie tech we have today.
But I guess since we live in the 21st century now, that "analogish" gives the movie a good taste and fun to watch.
The story is about a ordinary Japanese business-man Keichi Takahashi (by:Hiroyuki Sanada) flights to a country called TALKISTAN for a business confrence about building a bridge.  He meets his boss Nakaido (by: Tsutomu Yamazaki) and two other business man Tomita (by: Ittoku Kishibe) and Usumoto(by: Kyusaku Shimada) which are their business rivals. During a confrence party, these 4 survive a terroist bomb attack by the Guriella Army. They will now need to go through a deep jungle to flee abroad the country to get back to Japan. 
Sounds simple and oudated lol.
The good thing about this movie is where it writes how a "Japanese Salaryman" whose usually blessed with his environment at home, gets through a sudden life threatening situation. 
These guys eat "rice crackers" in the jungle to survive which is hystirical. The 4 guys greatly acts an ordinary "Japanesy" business man, its funny how they "negociate" a get-a-way car against the Guriella Army. 
Lately in the movie, Nakaido is captured by the Guriell Army and the 3 will now need to "negotiate" to save him.
Since all of them are engineers, they build a radio transmitter to trade for Nakaido. 
This is where Takahashi (Hiroyuki Sanada) makes an outstanding passionate act. 
His BEST line has got to be when he gets pissed against the Guriella Army and says...
"Hey monkey... This is MADE IN JAPAN! You'd be all dead before this breaks!"
Awesome phrase...!! I think I can use that in a song lol
There are other many great scenes where the movie describes the culture of a Japanese Business man, which makes this movie an only-one and interesting. Since my dad's also a business man, I even felt an appreciation towards end of the movie. Remembering us how much effort these people done to spread the "Made in Japan" brand. 
So if you got business plans in Japan, you may wanna check it out lol!
thanks for reading,